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Hollywood Stars You May Not Know Are Dead Now

Deaths are unfortunate. When one of our favorite stars dies, it leaves us all with a heavy heart. There are some stars whom many of us may not, but each of these people left an undeniable mark on our lives and the world we know today. Here is a list of stars that you may not know are dead now.

Amanda Peterson

She shot to fame as a teen star at age 15 with film Can’t Buy Me Love in 1987. In July 2015, Amanda Peterson’s body was found at her residence. The 43-year-old died due to the overdose of drugs that ultimately chalked down to respiratory failure.

Tony Burton

On February 25, 2016, 78-year-old actor and ex-boxer Tony Burton lost his long battle with pneumonia and died.

Nick Lashaway

Known for his roles in HBO’s Girls, 40-Year-Old Virgin and 2011’s In Time he died when he was just 28. He died on May 8, 2016, in a car accident.

Rob Knox

Yes, you are right! He shot to fame with cream-loving Ravenclaw Marcus Belby in Half-Blood Prince. He was only 18 when he died. A saddened incident happened on May 24, 2008, took hi life. Knox was at a pub with his younger brother in London when a man appeared, brandishing knives and screaming for a fight. He went after Knox’s brother, but Knox (also an aspiring rugby player) rushed in to defend him. Unfortunately, this left Rob with four stab wounds, and he died that day. His killer was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Mac Miller

The 26 years old famous singer and rapper put the whole world in shock when he died of drug overdose on September 7, 2018. He was only 26 years old. The drug overdose led to cardiac arrest and he died. He was found dead at his residence in California.

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