Steve Smith explains his footwork style while playing against the spinners

Steve Smith opens up in this in-depth interview about his batting philosophy, from tempo to technique and everything in between, against spin bowling after having spent countless hours in the nets over the previous few days getting ready for the spin trial he’s anticipated to face in Galle.

Cricbuzz interviewed Steve Smith in which he reveals in-depth analysis about his batting style. When asked about his approach in playing against the spinners, Stev Smith explained his “funda” on it.

The interviewer asked : And when you say hitting them off their length, it doesn’t automatically mean stepping out and hitting right. It could mean more positive footwork or using your feet more cleverly?

To which Steve answered – “Yeah. I mean you can use your feet, hit it to mid-off for a single. Sit deep in your crease and work for ones somewhere else. It’s not about necessarily hitting boundaries. Yes, it’s good to hit boundaries. But there’s also getting down the other end that’s important. Spin bowlers in these conditions like it when they’re bowling 5-6 balls an over at you. So, if you’ve got the ability to get down the other end… one you can get out down there. And two, they’re not getting a read I suppose on what you’re doing and being able to work you over. If you get off strike effectively, it makes a big difference.”