News Still, There is Discrimination With Dalits at Every Stage in Muzaffarnagar

Still, There is Discrimination With Dalits at Every Stage in Muzaffarnagar

There is an incident of two years ago that, an elderly person from the Dalit community who made a living by shining shoes had lost his mobile phone. Like anyone else, he went to the police station to lodge a complaint. The clerk asked him what he did for a living, to which the old man replied that he repaired and polished shoes. The clerk then ordered him to polish the shoes of all the constables at that police station, something the old man had to comply with no other alternative he did the same. That incident was recorded in the camera by a person present in Police station and go viral on social media and caused enormous embarrassment to the police administration.

Such kind of discrimination is still occurring in Muzaffarnagar. there is a village named Bhupkhedi around 30 km from Muzaffarnagar. About a year ago, The Thakurs of Bhupkhedi had placed an embargo on Dalits getting haircuts and shaves. Moreover, the village barber under pressure from the Thakurs, refusing to attend on the Dalits, forcing them to go to a barber in the neighbouring village. A Dalit youth from the village, Sanjiv Kumar, spoke of how that the Thakurs of the village evicted the barber who used to provide haircut services, forcing the Dalits to go to the neighbouring village for a haircut. It was then that they resolved to prevent any barber from operating in the village unless he also attended to them. The Dalits also trained a youth from their community in hair-cutting, shaving etc., and it was only after that that the issue was resolved. There’s now a new saloon in the village which is run by a Muslim youth who caters to all castes and communities.

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Moreover, On 14 April, Ambedkar Jayanti was celebrated in the Dalit Basti. But Dalits were required to obtain prior permission from the administration to hold the function. Further, a youth of this area said that there is a school up to class 8th in the village, there is a picture of every independence leaders but they are not allowed to hang the picture of “Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar”.Meanwhile, Muzaffarnagar’s Dalits say that instead of ensuring such situations do not recur in the future, politicians seek to draw maximum mileage from them.

There are other incidents of Muzaffarnagar also one of them occurred in the middle of April, the Dalit youth named Ankit was beaten to death and Muzzarfarnagar arrested five people for that.

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