India People Pelt Stones And Attack Singer Shaan For Singing Bengali Song During...

People Pelt Stones And Attack Singer Shaan For Singing Bengali Song During Assam Concert

In a shocking news, the Bollywood singer Shaan got attacked with stones and paper balls at a private concert in Guwahati. It all happened when Shaan started singing a Bengali song on the stage during the concert. A video from the concert is getting viral on the internet in which a person from the crowd can be seen throwing a stone/paper ball at Shaan on stage. While singing, Shaan picked up the paper ball and threw it back in the crowd by saying “Don’t make this political. Never do this with an artist.”

This made him sad and he stopped singing mid-way and went backstage. He also told the audience that he is having a fever even then he is performing for them. According to various other reports, he returned to the stage a little while later once the crowd had settled down, and continued the show. Soon, Shaan made it a point to apologise for his behaviour and not let the image of the state be compromised due to this one incident. He took to Twitter and wrote,
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