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Stone Pelting On Doctors Went To Check Coronavirus In Indore

On one hand, the whole country is cheering up for the doctors who are saving thousands of lives by putting their own in risk. According to The Hindu, there are the other rowdies who are stone pelting on the doctors.

People stoned the health department team that arrived at Tatpatti Bakhal on Wednesday to investigate the corona infected. Health workers ran away to save their lives. The miscreants also broke barricades. Police have registered a case of obstruction against them. According to Chhatripura TI, the incident took place at Tatpatti Bakhal at 1.15 pm. After the death of a corona positive in Silavatpura, the Health Department team was under continuous screening. Meanwhile, people have thrown stones here.

Coronavirus: Locals pelt stones on health department team in ...

A woman from the Health Department told the police that a positive contact history was received on Wednesday. They went there to see the patient. As soon as the team started inquiring about the patient, some miscreants from the front started throwing stones. Before the team could understand anything, many people came up with the handkerchiefs on their faces and started shouting. To avoid this, women and male health workers and doctors ran towards their cars. A tehsildar was also present with him. The miscreants ran away from the street towards the main road while throwing stones. The health workers ran straight from the car to the police station.

“We need to educate locals, make them understand why they need to be confined to a 14-day quarantine in order to contain the virus spread. They should be counselled,”

Anand Rai, part of the COVID-19 combat team

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