High Life She Was Punished With 40 Lashes For Wearing Mini Skirt at Age...

She Was Punished With 40 Lashes For Wearing Mini Skirt at Age 16 Today She is a Bikini Designer

The famous Iranian-American fashion designer has an untold story to reveal. The 35 years old, Iranian lady Tala Raassi met with a very brutal incident in 1998 which turned her whole life. She was punished with 40 lashes just for wearing a mini skirt in a party in Iran. And the irony is today she has her own Swim Wear clothing line in the USA and she recently launched a book too.

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When Tala Raassi turned sixteen in the year 1998 she attended her Sweet 16 function at a friends house wearing a mini skirt. It was not long before the party was raided by the religious police suddenly and she and her friends faced the punishment of five days in jail and forty lashes. They were accused of insulting Islam. 

In 2000 her family decided to shift to the USA due to the impact of this brutal punishment. This thing really hurt Tala inside that she decided to become a bikini designer in future. She was weak in speaking English even then Raassi opened a high-end boutique in Washington DC where she oversaw all aspects of the business from construction, buying, and merchandising to finance and payroll. 

Tala defied all the odds, rose above and shine like a star! She says people point their finger on her work as being a Muslim it is difficult to choose such a field to work for. But according to her, Fashion is Freedom and she doesn’t care a fig about the negative comments.

You go girl! More power to you!


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