Infotainment Strange Facts about Ancient Egypt Life

Strange Facts about Ancient Egypt Life

#1 They Invented Toothpaste- Yes! Egyptians were the first to invent toothpaste to protect their teeth because they used to eat food containing a lot of sand in it which harm their teeth. So they invented toothpaste made up of eggshells and ash.

#2 They Invented Wigs- Due to high temperature most of the Egyptian men shave their hairs. As we see in movies most of the men are bald in Egypt. This is due to high temperature. If they want to use hairs they put wigs and remove when they don’t want. Moreover, the wigs of rich people were made up of real human hair but the wigs of common people made up of sheep.

#3 They Invented Callender- Egyptians were very careful about seasons and time they don’t want to miss any day. That is why they created calendars. There were three seasons in a year, each season containing 4 months and each month containing 30 days. They added 5 days to harvest holidays.

 #4 They Invented Beer- Egyptians were the first to invent beer. The workers who made the pyramid were used to drink 4-5 litres of beer a day. Yes! this is the fact 4-5 litres of beer a day.


#5 They Invented Written Language- Egyptians used pictorial representations or codes to communicate. This language was made of signs such as how to make the pyramid and so on.


#6 They Used Door Locks- Yes! the Egyptians used the door locks. Door locks were used in history only in China and Egypt.


#7 Unusual Eye Treatment- Eye-infections were common in Egypt. they use Human brains to treat the eye. They used bactericidal and remedies made of human brains. They divide the human brains into two parts: mix the first half in honey and apply in eyes in evening, Dry the second half and apply in the morning.


#8 Eye Make-Up- Their eye-makeup was not just make-up. They use eye make-up to protect their eyes from infections.



#9 They Invented Tables- It is a common thing but before Egyptians, nobody used tables and do not put their food on the table. This is how board games are also invented.



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