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High Life Strange Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Doesn't know About

Strange Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Doesn’t know About

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We all use kitchen gadgets to make our work simpler and save our day. But listed below are some weird and interesting gadgets that everyone probably might not be knowing have a look at them.

Jars are the most important part of the kitchen when it comes to storing your stuff. But these jars with human fingers look a bit weird. We’re not sure why anyone would want kitchen accessories that were modeled after real human body parts, but that’s exactly what artist Christine Chin has created.

Resembling something like remote control, the FOODsniffer is a hand-held device built to detect the freshness of your food. For those who face chronic congestion—or don’t trust their olfactory functions—there is the FOODsniffer. The wireless “eNose” runs a bio-organic test to measure gas levels and determines whether your meat is fresh, spoiled or starting to spoil sending its analysis to your smartphone or tablet.

The Moley Kitchen Robot is here to prepare you delicious meals with exacting precision the Moley Kitchen Robot cooks your meal of choice—selected from an “iTunes library style” menu—from prep to plating, without a single human input needed, aside from meal selection. The new version of Kitchen Robot with pricing rumored to be around $75,000.

Have you heard about the glass chopping board that looks like a record player? Here’s the one. This toughened glass construction board is Odor- and stain-resistant design ensuring lasting beauty. The special thing about it is that it will make chopping sound like music to your ears when you chop something.

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