Strange Things That Many Of You Probably Didn’t Know Are Banned In China

Despite the fact that China has long been no longer a state with a totalitarian regime, the echoes of the times when the country was ruled by the strong hand of Mao’s grandfather are still palpable. It is a country that provides the whole world with s*x toys, seemingly most harmless things are suddenly banned. Not just this but in fact there are many more such interesting rules, and things that are prohibited, and not all of them lend themselves to a logical explanation. Scroll down to know:

Hip-hop and tattoo display

Representatives of hip-hop culture, according to the directive of the General Directorate of Radio, Film and Television of the PRC, are prohibited from providing airtime for performances on all state channels of the country. Moreover, TV companies are strictly prohibited from inviting people with tattoos


A strict ban on reincarnation, in effect throughout the PRC, was imposed for political and religious reasons. It is known that Tibet was occupied by China in the middle of the 20th century, and its political and spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, lives in exile in India. So that the head of the Buddhists and the main supporter of the independence of Tibet could not undermine the situation in the country, it was forbidden there to reincarnate for any purpose. Now, if the Dalai Lama leaves this world and decides to be reborn anew in his native Lhasa, he will not be able to do this, since there is paper with a seal prohibiting such a cunning move.

Dalai Lama

Time travel

Time travel was declared illegal in China in 2011. This is due to the fact that not long before this, local science fiction writers issued several “masterpieces” that distort the history of the country. Historical inaccuracies, in the opinion of high officials, could form a wrong impression of the PRC around the world. That is why it will not be possible to see ancient Moscow, that is, Beijing, without the sanctions of the relevant authorities.

time travel

Jokes and parodies of the classics

In China, it is forbidden by law to distort classical works in any field of art: painting, theater, literature, cinema. Parodies, anecdotes, cartoons, and sketches related to the country’s cultural heritage are illegal. Moreover, any content of such a plan cannot be stored on media – it is ordered to be deleted immediately.

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