Infotainment Strange Things Which Ancient Romans Did, Will Shock Your Mind

Strange Things Which Ancient Romans Did, Will Shock Your Mind

1)They Shared Sponge After Pooping

Their cities have public toilets and full sewage systems. They cleaned them rarely or never. They were used to carry social combs designed to shave out lice.

2)Many Romans Disliked Philosophy

We know that the Roman Empire produced the eminent philosophers such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius but not all Romans liked philosophy. Roman attitudes towards Greek were very mixed.

3)Washing Clothes And Teeth With Urine

They thought that it helps in cleaning the things such as teeth and clothes.”The fact that your teeth are so polished just show you are more full of piss”.

4)There Were Sexual Do’s and Dont’s

There were strict limits towards socially acceptable behaviour.

5)Dangerous Places Have Signs Of Private parts For Good Luck

People used to wear them as pendants also. They believed that the sign of human penis will protect the man who is wearing it from harm.

6)Toilets Regularly Exploded

As we mentioned earlier that they used to clean the toilets never or rarely. So, it’s quite obvious in an explosion of them.

7) Gladiator Blood Was Used As Medicine

Yes ! you read it right they used the gladiator blood as medicine to eat or to apply also.

8)Women Rubbed Dead Skin Cells Of Gladiators on Their Faces

This is also a fact that women used gladiator blood to remove their dead cells from the face.

9) People Were Making Money Out of Weird Jobs

They used to make money from weird jobs as to clean someone’s armpits, removing hairs or so on. I think these were the ways to open the beauty saloons of today!

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