Stranger Things Season 4’s First 8-minutes Is Insane And Impressed Fans With Chilling Opening

The 4th season of Stranger Things is ready to give you goosebumps. And this you will experience by taking a look at the 8 minutes video. So get ready to watch at your own risk.

Stranger things 4

Seems like the makers of Stranger Things 4 want to give goosebumps to its fans. So all those who were waiting curiously for the 4th season also get ready for the chilling experience. Because its first eight minutes video is insane. In the latest clip, we see Matthew Modine’s Dr. Martin Brenner with a little flashback sequence set in Hawkins National Laboratories in 1970, in an X-Men-styled hospital. He is seen along with the Psychically-gifted children, Martin takes Ten with him ‘for some lessons’. But suddenly a twist comes. When Ten sees a doctor at the facility and a child dead.

Soon, he steps out of the room and there he witnesses bloodshed all around. There were dead bodies of children and security guards. As soon as he enters the strange room Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) is seen facing away from him. But when he turns around we can see blood streaming down her eyes and nose. Therefore after watching it one can truly get terrified and will also get excited to know what will happen next. Reacting to it one fan even said “I did NOT expect that!! This season is gonna be something else for sure. Can’t wait!!”

Take a look at the clip below:

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