Stranger Things: Take a look at best horror movie references in Season 4

Stranger Things 4 vol.2  is set to drop on July 1st, and fans can hardly hold on to see what else is coming up for this season. Up until this point, it has been a haunting version of what fans are used to with the show. The inspiration from horror films is evident in this season, alongside a few straight-up comparisons to classic horror characters as well.

The Silence Of The Lambs

Perhaps the most notable scenes of Silence of the Lamb is when Clarice interviews Hannibal Lecter. It is a moment to acquire understanding and clarity for Clarice and the audience with respect to why Hannibal did what he did.

Freddy Kreuger

Similar as Freddy Kreuger, Vecna comes to attack the Stranger Things crew’s realities and show them a vision of their worst, twisted nightmares and fears. He comes suddenly, and the casualty’s destruction is sure once he makes himself known.


Though Vecna shares his general techniques to Freddy, his similarity is shared with Pinhead from Hellraiser. Like Pinhead, fans discover that Vecna is former human, very much like his namesake in Dungeons & Dragons.


The thoughts of ghosts and exorcisms were tossed around during this season, as many couldn’t explain the unexpected deaths occurring in Hawkins. They were mentioned briefly when Eddie’s uncle discussed the Creel Family’s death.