India has a diverse variety of cultures in India with different beliefs ranging from one region to another region. These beliefs are the reason which makes some places exciting and popular but what if those beliefs no longer remain just beliefs and become reality? Yes! such places do exists in India with some strangest features which will make any foreigner’s mind to travel in India. Some of those places are:

1. Kodinhi and Umri

Strangest And Mysterious Places To Travel In India

Kodinhi and Umri are the places in Kerela and Allahabad where some serious cases of twins are noticed. Even six pairs of twins per thousand people are considered high but Kodinhi has this amount increased to 42 pairs per thousand persons and Umri has 60 pairs of twins in the whole population of 900 people.

2. Magnetic Hill

Strangest And Mysterious Places To Travel In India

Magnetic Hill is a hill in Ladakh and is also a fun place to travel if you want to see cars getting pulled towards the hill by themselves. This is the property for which this hill is most famous.

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3. Roopkund Lake

Strangest And Mysterious Places To Travel In India

Roopkund lake is a lake in Uttarakhand and is completely covered with snow and surrounded by rock-glaciers. One thing has given this lake a more famous name which is the ‘Lake of Skeletons’ because, in this lake, you can see 600 skeletons lying around.

4. Mayong

Strangest And Mysterious Places To Travel In India

Travel in India will be fun, especially for the lovers of thrill. Mayong is a place situated in Assam about which several tales of people getting disappeared in Ashes and transformed into animals exist. Moreover, this place is also famous as the ‘Land of Black Magic’ due to these incidents.

5. Shivpur

Strangest And Mysterious Places To Travel In India

In the richest state of India, Maharashtra can be found this wonderful place of Shivpur where the Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh exists where 800 years ago, a saint, Qamar Ali made the rocks levitate in the air which still levitates whenever someone chants his name.

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