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High Life Strictly Avoid These 4 Food Items Before Bed

Strictly Avoid These 4 Food Items Before Bed

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Before everything, if you are consuming anything a few minutes before sleeping at night then you need to know that it will weaken your digestion ability. Eat your dinner before 2-3 hours before sleeping. Now, let’s talk about the things that you should avoid taking in the night. These can increase your weight. Read out:

1) White Flour

White Flour consists of a large number of calories which are the main cause of weight gain. In such case, before sleeping avoid things made of white flour. For example Bread, Puri, Biscuits etc.

2) White Butter

Fat is found in abundance in white butter. In other words, it is an agent for storing fat into the body. So avoid the consumption of white butter at night.

3) Banana

Banana includes a high amount of sugar and calories. It helps in increasing the weight. So avoid eating bananas if you want to lose weight at night.

4) Milk Cream

Avoid consuming milk cream before bed. It contains a high amount of fat.



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