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These Striking Photos Remarkably Captures The Agony Every Women In The World Faces Everyday




Though we are living in the 21st century, we all are very much aware of the fact how being a women is a real struggle. From rape, domestic abuse and marital rape to objectification and barred freedom choices women have to go through, the problems are never ending.

Taking a stand on all these problems, artist Bhargavi Joshiwants to put light on the everyday problems women all over the world face through her stunning visual art and creative photography.

Here is the photo series created by Bharagavi :

Bhargavi Joshi, is an Indian-Canadian photographer who have spent her life in  Los Angeles, Toronto and Mumbai. The idea of creating such a strong visual imprint came to her mind when she was exposed to the harsh reality of certain situations and human condition especially those of women all the way growing up.

All Image Source: BhargaviJoshiProductions


All Image Source: BhargaviJoshiProductions

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