Tenu Kala Chasma Tenu kala chashma jachda ae jachda ae gore mukhde te,” hope Sidharth Malhotra was singing this song for you but don’t every, you’ll also look cool in black glasses but think about the things that only people with glasses have suffered throughout their lives. They have been called a nerd and stupid too but you’ll only understand if you are one of them, that’s why we have presented you this wonderful list of struggles that only the people who wear glasses have faced in their lives.

Some Of The Struggles That The People Who Wear Glasses Will Only Understand Are:

1. Being An Andha When You Can’t Find Your Glasses

2. The Pain Of Getting Called Oye Battery Throughout Your Life

3. And Also Four Eyes

Image Source: Freakingnews

4. Wearing the 3D Glasses Over Your Regular Glasses

Image Source: Cbsistaic

5. The Inability To Wear Mascara With Glasses

Image Source: Amazon

6. Feeling Stylish Seeing A Celebrity Wearing Glasses

Source: Fashioncentral

7. Turning Shareef Just By Wearing Glasses

Image Source: Sharpschool

8. Confused Whether To Wear Glasses In Shower Or Not

Image Source: Eagocanada

9. And Enjoying The Vapours On Your Glasses While Having Tea

Image Source: Images.says

10. Adjusting The Slippery Glasses Every Minute

Image Source: Dailymail

11. And Then Comes Rain

Image Source: Onthelinestuff

12. Getting Tired Of Hearing The Words, “Do Minute Dikha Na Bhai.

So these were some struggles of people who wear glasses. If you feel some sympathy for them then please stop disturbing them now otherwise you know, they’ll always look more shareef than you xD.

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