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Several Students Have Been Murdered And 4 Female Students Have Been Raped in Bangladesh For Protesting

Bangladesh is turning into a hell due to the mass protests that are triggered by the death of two children in a traffic accident. The protestors who are mainly the students are demanding that the government take action to improve road safety.

The movement has become bigger now and its getting violent day by day in the capital city Dhaka.

How it all get started?

On 29th of July 2018 school going students were killed by a reckless bus driver. This raged the other students (both college and school) and they protested with slogans on the same bus stand. Bangladesh has a notoriously dangerous traffic as last year more than 4,000 pedestrians were killed in road accidents.

However, the students were protesting peacefully and demanding for safer roads and more strict regulations on traffic. Their intention was never to harm even a single person. One 17-year-old told the BBC,

“All we want is corruption to be gone and driving licences to stop being handed out like candy.”

How the protest turned violent?

As thousands of students were involved in the protest, it continued for days essentially bringing the capital to a standstill. Bus services in the city and on routes to elsewhere in the country were cancelled. Then police and people of Chatro League tortured students with tear shell, they beat students brutally and raped the female students (on 4th August 2018) and the government of Bangladesh is still mum.

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