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Infotainment Genius Who Created India's First Test Tube Baby Committed Suicide Because People...

Genius Who Created India’s First Test Tube Baby Committed Suicide Because People Humiliated Him!

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Technology is in its advanced stage! A man didn’t just create machines that make our work easier but human too! Yes, we are talking about test tube babies. But what if the people accused those genius persons and made them realize that they committed a mistake by providing such fruitful experiments? Disappointments! It is true that, sometimes, utterly genius things are lost to us because we fail to realize their worth.

This is what happened to a Bengali doctor Subhash Mukhopadhyay, decades ago. He was a genius man who spent his life trying to develop a test tube baby in the easiest way possible. And guess what, he even became successful in doing so, but never got the recognition that was his due. And we will tell you the reason why?

His native state West Bengal did not approve his experiment. Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay was a physician who created the world’s second and India’s first test tube baby. His experiment became successful on October 3, 1978. Instead of getting the praise he faced criticism after he made his experiment public. He got criticized by a group of people who had no idea about the advances in modern reproductive technology and who understood nothing about his experiments and research.

As he created the test tube baby with simple apparatus in his apartment instead of using modern equipments and had stored the embryos in a sealed ampule. It was hard for people to digest the truth that he actually created something out of the box. With a trial that consisted of a number of meaningless questions, his experiment and claims were declared false.

In the end, tired of the government’s relentless harassment, and the humiliation that he was subjected to, Dr. Mukopadhyay committed suicide in 1981.

How he came into the limelight?

His work was recognized by T.C. Anand Kumar, Director of Institute of Research in Reproduction in 2002. He not only admired his experiment but spoke extensively about how great a feat the doctor had achieved.

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