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Why Are Starkids so Desperate to Stay in The Limelight? In London’s Chilling Winters This Popular Star Kid Spotted in an Exposing Dress

It seems that star kids these days are getting desperate to stay in the limelight. They do so so that they get films and make a successful career as that of their parents. In a recent relating incident, Suhana Khan, daughter of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan did something that caught attention.

As we all know Suhana Khan aspires to be an actress so she is well familiar with the life in the limelight. She knows all the tactics and is very active on social media and never misses a chance to hog headlines. Currently, Suhana Khan is completing her final year from Ardingly, London.

Her mother Gauri Khan is also accompanying her in London. The stylish mother-daughter duo was spotted in the city at an event. Both mother Gauri and daughter Suhana had an amazing time and then posted the party pics onto their social media accounts.

Well, what caught attention is Suhana chose a mini silver dress in a chilling winter weather of London while mother Gauri chose to wear black bottoms, white top, and a khaki jacket. This went wrong with netizens and they criticized Suhana for her outfit which was so opposite of the weather. Soon many people started trolling Suhana for pretending to be older than she is, being stiff and more. Here are some comments:






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