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Trending After Udta Punjab, Salman's Sultan Leaked Along With Great Grand Masti

After Udta Punjab, Salman’s Sultan Leaked Along With Great Grand Masti

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Movie piracy is really a big thing in India and all the people who try to download those pirated movies, don’t know that what they are trying to do is actually illegal in the country. Even the leaked Udta Punjab movie was also downloaded illegally thousand times. Now what’s more shocking is that now a movie as great as Sultan along with Great Grand Masti has been also leaked on that internet.

Salman Khan in Sultan: Sultan leaked
Source: Bollywoodlife

The reports say that the Sultan leaked movie was uploaded on the darknet and is not available on torrents. The cyber experts have also confirmed that the movie was leaked just one day before it’s release in over 4,500 theatres in India.

Sultan’s Leak Is Not The First Movie Leak Of This Month:

The reports have also claimed that just a few days ago, even Indra Kumar’s adult comedy film Great Grand Masti was also leaked. It has been said that the censor board’s version of Great Grand Masti was leaked on the internet and it has only been just three days to this incident.

great great masti
Source: Upcomingdate

Currently, only the Yash Raj Films owns the rights of the movie Sultan but this is what the officials of cyber crime have to say about the leak, “The leak is confirmed. The copy of the movie is available on the darknet and soon it will be available on torrent.

Another official Kislay Chaudhary has informed this, “Many websites have been blocked since Tuesday evening and links are removed immediately after uploads.

The Controversy: Yash Raj Films Denies The Leak Of Sultan

Sultan leaked on internet

The irony about this leak is that the Yash Raj Films has itself denied the news “Sultan leaked”. Although some cyber crime officials claim that there are active links of the movie on the internet but some oppose the same.

Great Grand Masti has been definitely leaked, but no active links of Sultan’s censor copy can be found online. However sources are saying that there has been a leak and that the movie was available for sometime but was pulled down immediately,” said Nitish Chandan another cyber crime official.

The one thing about which the whole country is confused is that how the censor board’s watermark is available on Great Grand Masti’s leaked movie, which is just similar to the leaked version of “Udta Punjab”.Thankfully, there is no confirmation that the Sultan leaked movie also contains the CBFC watermark.

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