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Amidst of Sridevi’s Death, Bollywood Forgot to Mourn The Death of This Beautiful Actress Who Was Murdered For Refusing to Perform at Private Party

We all have seen how fans and Bollywood celebrities mourned the death of actress Sridevi but there was another actress who lost her life but her death didn’t get media coverage. The reason might be she wasn’t as legendary as Sridevi. But remember everyone’s life has an equal value whether a celebrity or a common man.

We are talking about popular Pakistani actress and singer Sumbul Iqbal. In February, the same month when Sridevi died, Sumbul was shot dead by some assailants for allegedly refusing to perform at a high-profile party.

According to Dawn, she was shot dead by three armed men inside her house in Sheikh Maltoon Town.

The reports suggested that the assailants asked Sumbul Iqbal to accompany them and perform at a private high-profile party, but she refused to go for the same. This raged them and they opened fire and fled her home after killing her.

She was just 25 years old and was an actress-singer who worked both in India and Pakistan. She was allegedly shot several times before she succumbed to her injuries. She worked in many music albums.

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