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Entertainment Even Today This Famous IPL Player Who Earns Crores Now Lives in...

Even Today This Famous IPL Player Who Earns Crores Now Lives in a House With Two Rooms Only

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The Indian Premier League has transformed Indian cricket completely. It not only has provided opportunities to many young players who aspire to make a name in the international best 11 but also filled their pockets with a hefty amount. IPL is proved beneficial not only for the domestic players but also for the foreign players.

Team Kolkata Knightriders’ star spinner Sunil Narine is again in news for his doubtful bowling action. He is currently playing in the Pakistan Super League. After finding his doubtful way of bowling he is put in the warning list by the authorities of the tournament.

Team Kolkata Knightriders of IPL has spent Rs 12.5 crore on this 29 years old player for its new season. Narine is among the two cricketers who were retained for this season by KKR. In the previous IPL, Sunil was sold at a price of Rs 3.55 crore. Sunil was bought by KKR in the year 2013.

Sunil was born in Arima of Trinidad and Tobago on May 26, 1988, to a restaurant’s taxi driver Shadeed Narine. His father named him Sunil because he was the fan of great Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. He was such a die-hard fan of Sunil that he also wanted to name her daughter Sunili because of him but it was his wife Christina who refused to do so. 

When Gavaskar used to play crocket in West Indies, Shadeed used to support Indian batsmen instead of cheering his home team. He recognized his son’s interest towards cricket and started his training when he was just 7. Even after being a father of superstar cricketer, Shadeed used to work at the restaurant.


In the year 2013, Sunil tied the knot with Nandita Kumar in Indian style. He earns in crores but even then chooses to lead a simple lifestyle. He is famous for his simplicity. Presently, he lives in a house with two rooms only, which was bought by his father years ago.

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