Adhyayan Suman Says He Is On The ‘Same Side’ As Kangana Ranaut

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Entertainment After Ranu Mondal Sunny Baba goes Viral: Watch out

After Ranu Mondal Sunny Baba goes Viral: Watch out

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Like Ranu Mandal, a video of Sunny Baba from Bihar is going viral. Sunny Baba runs daily bread by begging but surprisingly it is said that he sings English songs.

Many of us know that in 2019, a video of Ranu Mondal singing on the railway platform went viral on social media. In that video, she was seen singing Lata Mangeshkar’s song which became increasingly viral on social media. She became an internet sensation within a short time. After this, she also got a chance to sing with Himesh Reshammiya. Now like her, a video of Sunny Baba from Bihar is also going viral. Sunny Baba earns his living by begging but wonderfully sing English songs. A user has shared a video of Sunny Baba on Twitter, in which few people are seen asking him questions about her work and food. On this Sunny Baba replying to them in English says I beg and eat What Almighty Gives Me.

After this, Baba says that he loves music. He loves singing and dancing. When the person asks them to sing something, Baba sang an old English song. It was a song from the 60s by the famous singer Jim Reeves. His singing was worth listening to. This video is going viral on social media. Although some people also feel that Sunny Baba is either from the Caribbean or from Africa.  Now one thing that has to be seen is that whether the stars of Sunny Baba will shine like Ranu Mandal or they will diminish. tomorrow. This time will tell.

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