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Sunny Deol Had Extra Marital Affairs With These 3 Actresses That Once to Marry Them He Was Ready to Divorce His Wife

Sunny Deol was the superstar of 90s films. He was an action hero who gave a number of hits of such zone. His co-stars often talk about him in the interviews. Most of them say that he was a very shy person off-camera and was poor in doing romantic scenes. Well, his personal life indicates something very opposite to it. According to the reports, he dated 3 Bollywood actresses with whom he had an extra-marital affair. Read out the text below:

Amrita Singh

Sunny Deol and Actress Amrita Singh started their film career in the 1983 film “Betab”! They came close to each other and dated. Their affair that time grabbed headlines of the newspaper. He was already married at that time to Pooja but this marriage was kept secret as it was Sunny’s debut film, so knowing he was married will affect his fan following. Sunny didn’t reveal it to Amrita but as Sunny’s own mother knew everything she asked him to maintain a distance from her and soon they broke up.

Dimple Kapadia

Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia did many hit movies together! In the 80’s, the pair was considered as a hit! At that time every director wanted to cast this pair in their films. This hit pair of Reel Life gradually started coming closer in real life too! both the actors were at the peak of their careers at that time so they maintained a distance.

But shockingly, recently after so many years, they were spotted on the streets of London all hand in hand. The photos and the video went viral and raised questions on their secret love relationship.

Raveena Tandon

Sunny Deol came closer to Raveena while working with her in films like Ziddi, Kashtriya etc. After having a break up with Akshay Kumar, Raveena was in need of someone! Hence Sunny gave her his shoulder. But this affair could not go too far!

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