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Sunny Deol Reveals Why he Never Talked to Shah Rukh Khan For 16 Years

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Sunny Deol worked with Shah Rukh Khan in the 1993 blockbuster film Darr. But after that the two of them never talked or stayed connected, it continued for 16 years. Recently, Sunny Deol reveals the reason behind it and also spilled beans on why he broke all the ties with Shah Rukh Khan.

Sunny said that he was doing a scene in a film where Shah Rukh stabs him with a knife. Sunny had a heated argument with Yash Chopra on this scene. he was trying to convey to him that he is playing a commando officer in the film and his role is an expert one. He said, “I am fit, them how this boy (Shah Rukh Khan) can beat me so easily. It is justified only in that situation if I am not seeing him. But if I am seeing him and he can still stab me, then I should not play a commando.”

But as Yash Chopra was an old man, Sunny said, “As Yashji was old, so in order to give him the respect I did not say anything further. However, I was feeling very angry. I put my hands in pocket and due to aggression, I didn’t realize that I had torn my own pants with my own hands.”

When it was asked from Sunny why didn’t talk to Shah Rukh Khan for 16 years, he replied, “It is not that I did not talk, but I have separated myself, I am not much social, so we never meet, therefore, there is nothing to talk about.”

In 2001, Sunny had accused Yash Chopra in an interview to Filmfare Magazine, Sunny had said that the making of Darr was the worst experience of his life. At that time the makers lied to him about his role and he got sidelined fraud fully. He said, “I’ll never work with Yash Chopra again. He isn’t a man of his words. I don’t have good memories of him, he betrayed my faith in him. According to Sunny, he was not told that the makers were going to glorify the villain’s role in the film.

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