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Love Was Not The Only Reason Sunny Leone Married Daniel Weber, Here’s Another Surprising Reason Too!

Bollywood’s Baby Doll Sunny Leone always remain in the news. She is one of the hottest actresses of Bollywood. She became a Bollywood actress from a porn star. She was world famous as a porn star before entering into Bollywood. She is married to her co-star of porn films Daniel Weber. The couple is the parent of three beautiful children. They have two twin sons Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber via surrogacy and a daughter named Nisha Kaur Weber whom they adopted.

Sunny Leone became popular in India after she appeared in Bigg Boss 5 as a contestant. She was the calmest contestant on the show and she made people crazy of course for her sexiness but also for her dilapidated Hindi language.

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It was Mahesh Bhatt who cast her in the film Jism 2 and she started getting popular. She kept her marriage with Daniel Weber a secret and revealed later, after years, that the two got married in 2011. Their love story is very interesting. She first met Daniel in a restaurant where she reached with some of her friends.

Daniel Weber Married Sunny Leone

Sunny was never interested in Daniel. But he started feeling for her. He asked her to meet. He planned a date where Sunny reached late so that Daniel will reject her. But Daniel was so in love with her he didn’t do anything like that.

Their relationship from Sunny’s side started when Sunny’s mother died. She started getting depressed, in such situation Daniel was a helping hand to her. She liked the way he cared for her and supported her like a best friend. So the reason that took Sunny and Daniel close was Sunny’s mother’s death. She realized that time that no one can ever care for as Daniel does so she decided to get married to him.

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