Super Annoying Things Girlfriends Do That Guys Just Hate

Any relationship after a certain period can seem a bit annoying. Don’t worry its natural and its bound to happen when two people of opposite sexes and practically opposite minds come togther. But hey there are certain things that as his Girlfriend, you could be doing which can annoy the crap out of him. From a friend to another friend.. Here is a list of Super Annoying Things Girlfriends Do That Guys Just Hate.. So maybe not do them?..

1. Never Giving Him Space..


For two Humans to co-exist we all need some space. Men love their space to catch up with friends or watch a game of ball or cricket. In times such as these it is always better to let them be..Don’t Go all.. Baby, Kab se Phone kar rhi hu.. What are you doing? 2 min baat Krloge Toh Kya Hojaega? and all..

2. Discussing relationship problems with their friends..

This one can get you pretty screwed as guys definitely won’t appreciate you telling stuff to their friends. With guys it doesn’t work like that.. especially when girls go in fron of his friends like.. Do You even know what your friend did? Or Would you have done the same thing to your Girlfriend?..  Now you got him super Annoyed.

3. Messing with the BRO Code..


When women tell their man that their certain friend is not worth his time or has a very weird sense of humour or dresses very shabby or loooks at a girl in a particular way. For one thing men don’t have bestfriends like girls do, Men have brothers. Bromance!

4. When girls keep talking in the middle of a game or want to watch another silly show..


Well, mostly guys don’t even watch TV as a rule. But when there’s a an ODI cricket match and Dhoni teamed up with Raina with a few overs at hand.. Better skip your show for the night. Or don’t go talking about what your mom told you about that cousin earlier in the evening.

5. When girls ask their men what they should wear to the party and end up wearing something completely different


Pehle they’ll ask Jaanu Konsi Dress pehnu? Pink? Magenta Pink? Baby Pink Or Hot Pink? And then they come out wearing a black dress.. Arey Bhai jab baat maan ni hi nahi hoti toh puchte Kyun Ho? 

6. When women ask if they are looking fat?

GOD! Now if he says Haan Baby thoda Sa.. Then they’ll rush to the bathroom crying and will wan  atub of ice cream to calm down and if he says No baby not at all..Then you are just lying and getting good at it! The whole thing turns into a fight!

7. And If girls leave their men with a Hard On in Bed


Now thats just a crime! Imagine something like that happening to you ladies? Men have little patience when it comes to sex and its always better not to test it. If you wake up the soldier make sure to put it back to sleep… Satisfied! 

8. When women don’t understand their passions


As partners it is important not for just men to understand your goals and passions and respect you for working. They need and deserve the same respect too. If he doesn’t work much then Tum kuch kaam toh krte nahi ho.. And if he’s working his ass off then Tumhe bas kaam ki hi padi rehti hai.. We must learn to respect their work and choices as individuals!

So ladies, These things if undone or not done in the future can make your men’s life a bliss with you!

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