Taj Mahal Set To Reopen From Monday After 6 Months

India’s most famous tourist attraction Taj Mahal, and the Agra Fort, are all set to reopen from Monday, after an unprecedented closure...
Entertainment You Will Leave Teary-Eyed After Knowing This 'Munna Bhai MBBS' Actor is...

You Will Leave Teary-Eyed After Knowing This ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ Actor is Living a Life of Anonymity Not in a House But in Cave

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The film Munna Bhai MBBS was a blockbuster at the box office. Not only Sanjay Dutt but other characters of the film were also got appreciation by the audience. They became famous. Remember the scene of Jaadu Ki Jhappi? where Sanjay Dutt hugged an old sweeper in the hospital who was seen frustrated.

The scene was very emotional. The role was played by Surender Rajan. A few people know him by his real name. Currently, Surender is living a life anonymity in the lap of Himalayas. He is 75 years old and living there from quite a some time now.

Whether he played the role for a few minutes in the film but he won hearts with his real acting on the screen. After this film, he was hardly got featured in any Bollywood film. From last 4 years, he is living in Uttranchal’s Rudraprayag district’s last village near to Himalayas, Khunnu.

His house is more looks like a cave. He got this house from a retired army man. The retired army man ran a tea-stall in this cave-like house before giving it to Surender. To reach this village, Surender has to climb 17 kilometers mountain. He after every 3-4 months comes to the city to buy basic necessary things.

You will get surprised that even now he gets film offers. But he denies all of them by saying he decided to live in the Himalayas when he was 40 years old. In an interview, Surender said that,

“Might be people don’t like his way of living, but running only after money is not the kind of I am. I decided a long ago that will gather the things in life which believe I can take after my death.”


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