Squid game
Squid game

These days everyone is talking about the most discussed show Squid Game. So below are some interesting facts that you probably didn’t know.

These days the whole world has been discussing the South Korean TV series Squid Game. Just three days after its release, it is firmly established in the top ten most successful shows. But do you know what is making it so interesting? If not then below are some facts about a drama that has made the show become the most successful TV show ever. But do you know that the script for the Squid Game has been gathering dust on the shelf for 11 years? All this time, the author, Hwang Dong Hyok, unsuccessfully tried to implement the project, knocking over the thresholds of the production offices. And was refused everywhere, as the plot openly compromised the society of South Korea.

The author, while working on the script, relied on the memories of his youth. Hwang Dong Hyok faced serious financial problems, including heavy debts. Class inequality is a scourge of South Korea that people prefer to remain silent about. The world would never have known what Squid Game is if in 2019 the NETFLIX channel had not become interested in the plot.

So now lets take a look at some interesting facts about the squid game that makes it so interesting:

# Nowadays, filmmakers do not really put their brains about where to get extras. Usually, there are only a few people in the crowd, and everything else is computer graphics. But The Squid Game was filmed the old-fashioned way, showing 456 people in crowd scenes. And the interesting thing is that there are very few computer graphics in the series. The creators of the series wanted everything to look natural.

# The overseers in the series are colorful, characters. Who are in their bright pink jumpsuits and masks? There were several options for the costumes But in the end, they decided that the faceless, robotic guards in masks with geometric shapes looked more mysterious.

# Sugar honeycomb, on which the characters of the series had to scratch out the given figures. It is a traditional South Korean sweet with just two ingredients.

# The doll that appeared in the first episode was very popular with the Filipinos. An exact copy of it was installed at a pedestrian crossing located near a large shopping center in Manila. When the green light is on, the toy stands with its back to the passage and hums a song. But as soon as the red lights up, she turns and begins to drill with the eyes of pedestrians. Which looks scary.

# The heroes of the Squid Game had clues before each test. With their help, it was possible to determine what will be the next game. But this information is applied to the walls of the room in the form of pictures where the participants’ beds are placed. As the heroes drop out, the beds are removed and the clues become obvious.

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