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High Life Surprising Things Guys Notice About Girls In First Few Dates

Surprising Things Guys Notice About Girls In First Few Dates

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Ladies, We all know what guys notice in Girls, her looks, her smile, the way she talks or sounds and everything you can grasp in first few glances.  But there are some surprising things guys notice about girls in first few dates that we might not know. And these do seem to help men, somewhat figure out things about the woman in question.. Wanna know what these things could be?.. *rubbing hands* Let’s do this!

1. Sense Of Humor- 9 out of 10 men notice if they share a similar sense of humor with the lady.


Girls can be funny creatures and surely we can crack a joke or two if the need be but what they check out is if we understand what they find funny! So that we can laugh together..

2. Whether Girls are Nice to Kids and Animals

Ohh yes! Guys notice all about a girl’s personality, whether she is nice to pets and kids and even the serving staff at hotels, basically checking if she’s patient and sensitive and caring and sweet in general.

3. The way she holds and haves her Drink


And its not about how much(more or Less) a girl drinks but to now whether she knows her way through drinks and can actually enjoy one too. They like girls who can handle themselves after drinks and know when they’ve had enough.

4. How quick is she deciding about Food

They like to know if a girl is generally fussy about her food because Hell! Guys can’t wait when it comes to food especially when they are hungry. As you know it can be hard sharing meal with someone who takes too long to decide what they wanna have (oops! I do that too sometimes! *Facepalm*)

5. Oooh! Big One! Whether she is a selfie obsessed person?


Well its not like its one point counted less- guys too love taking selfies but they just wanna know if most of your time togther will be spent taking selfies or something else. 😉

6. How is she around her friends? Same or any different?

This one’s really important because Guys like to know how a girl really is as a person and if she’s the same with you as she is around her friends. It tells them whether you’re comfortable being yourself around them as well and are you the real fun and teasing kind or not.

7. How she talks about her Family

Guys notice how a girl talks to her family or about her family, whether she is affectionate, teasing and caring or gets upset. Not to judge the relationship she has with her family but only to know if she’s considerate and respectful about people close to her in life.

8. How she handles her Heels


Men by now, know how much we girls love our heels but what they try to find out is how we deal with those heels. Whether we can wear them for long hours or get tired too soon. Just to now whether your plans togther in future could be jeopardized by any heel situation.

9. The way she talks about a Guy, she finds attractive..


It could be a celebrity or a complete stranger you saw at the bar while hanging out with the guy.  Is she the subtle kind who goes like, “That guy over there is a Good looking one” Or if you’re the wh goes like “OMG! He is sooooo Hot!!” Just to figure out what kinda guys she finds attractive.

10. Is she too independent or Over-dependent?

Okay! This one’s also important as they would really love to hang out with a girl who is not too independent and not even clingy. They like to know whether you can take care of yourself at certain situations or not.


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