What if you would be taken as a hostage in a Philippines island and are likely to be tortured for months with no hope of coming back home alive? This is a true account of a young man who had survived in the streets of India with no family or home. He had been poisoned, robbed on gunpoint, had an encounter with a tiger and lost in himalayas, but how many times he would cheat death and for how long?

An inspirational story of survival, hope and never dying attitude. This book is a treat for those who love reading about adventure and accounts of exceptional stoires. “Survivor” wriiten by Utkarsh also teaches us how the mighty universe works in mystical ways creating events to
change or lives for better or for worse.


An amazing Story of an exceptional soul who struggles through life in a way that seems humanly impossible to win over all odds in life. The book grabs your attention and the story keeps you hooked taking you on a roller coaster ride through adventure, fear, thrill and excitement. It is definitely a promising buy and worth making to your book shelf!

Survivor – An extraordinary Journey

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