Sushant’s Europe trip with Rhea Chakraborty might have a key role


Rhea and Sushant’s Europe trip has been making the headlines and is said to play a key role in the actor’s death case. Read to know

Rhea and Sushant
Rhea and Sushant

It seems that that the death Mystery of Sushant will soon solve because day by day the evidence that are opening up shows that the actor will soon get justice. As per the ongoing investigations his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has been under the scanner for quite some time now. And the police is keeping regular updates about the actress.

In the series of things that are circulating meanwhile a piece of news popped up about Sushant’s Europe trip with Rhea Chakraborthy. Which is also a part of the investigation related to the case. As per the information gathered by media in October 2019 Sushant and Rhea had gone to Europe. After which the things in the actor’s life started to change.

The statement of the people recorded in connection to Europe Trip

Sushant’s cook Neeraj stated that his health deteriorated post the Europe trip. He said that he was perfectly fine when he left for the trip, but after he came from the trip his health deteriorated. Furthermore, he said that Shushant looks depressed and started taking medicines right after he came from the trip  Neeraj also revealed that Rhea didn’t let the late actor meet people since the last few months.

A similar statement was also revealed by his former cook Ashok who worked with the actor until he was fired by Rhea. He said that Rhea took the entire control after coming back from the trip. Before that Rhea didn’t take control of him in this manner. Talking about the depression the cook said that there was news that Sushant was suffering from Dengu, but the fact was that he was suffering from depression which I later came to know.

Let us tell you that almost the same statement again was revealed by Ankit Acharya who worked with Sushant for three years but was later kicked out by Rhea. He also alleged that Sushant, who always had a smile on his face, developed dark circles and looked frail after the trip and his grace was all gone.

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