Videos Swami Om's Audition Clip For Bigg Boss 10 Leaked ! And It's...

Swami Om’s Audition Clip For Bigg Boss 10 Leaked ! And It’s Funny AF

Om Swami has become one of the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss season 10 whatever the reasons may be. Be it boasting shit talk of what all insane things he can do, or irritate other house members for non-sense reasons. Swami Om has bagged a lot of popularity which makes us ask how he ended up being in the Bigg Boss house.

Swami Om leaked audition video

Well here’s the answer to that. The audition tape of Swami Om has been leaked and is making rounds of the internet.

According to the video, he entered the show with an intention to spread a message to the world. But, seems like he himself has forgotten about his intentions after entering the house.

swami om audition clip leaked video

In the video, Swami says that he hasn’t seen the previous seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’ as he is busy working for the humanity. He has no time for the film or television world. He also revealed his reason for entering ‘Bigg Boss 10’ as a contestant for which have to see the video.

Here’s Swami Om’s Audition Clip Video :

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