India Swara Bhasker Condemn Twinkle Sharma Brutal Rape And Murder After 5 Days,...

Swara Bhasker Condemn Twinkle Sharma Brutal Rape And Murder After 5 Days, Netizens Lash Out!

A few days ago again a brutal rape and murder case ashamed us of being human. Twinkle Sharma, a 2.5 years old little baby girl went missing from her home in Aligarh and after three days her mutilated and burnt body was found in a dumping ground in Tappal, Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh. She was brutally murdered by accused Mohammed Zahid, according to reports. The baby girl was brutally raped, strangled, mutilated, her eyes were gouged out, doused in acid and got murdered.

Many prominent names from the world of politics, sports and entertainment condemned the shameful, inhuman and disgusting incident. Now after a few days of the incident, it’s Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker who tweeted on it and condemned it. But for her tweet, she is now getting trolled. It is because she is an active social media user and always express her views on every social or political issue prevailing in the country.

The actress wrote,

Social media users started lashing out at her for commenting so late on the brutal rape and murder of 2.5 years old toddler. Here are some of the angry reactions of the people:

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