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News Sylvester Stallone Could See His Dead Son Sends Family To Haridwar For...

Sylvester Stallone Could See His Dead Son Sends Family To Haridwar For Shraadh

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When you lose a dearly loved one then the grief of losing them takes you different places and makes you do all that you still can for them. Recently, Hollywood’s First Blood actor Sylvester Stallone sent his Family to Haridwar, India to perform the last rites or ‘Shraadh’ of his son Sage who died in 2012 when he was 36 years old due to drug overdose.


Hindus in India religiously believe that the Last Rites are performed after a person’s demise as it offers a closure for the family members and serves as the last goodbye to the departed. Sylvester stallone, however, found it exceptionally hard to let go of his son and always felt his presence around him. He then confessed to Astrologer Prateek Mishrapuri about seeing his son sage even after his death. And so Mishrapuri suggested that Hindu rituals of a Shraadh will ensure that his son’s soul rested in peace. Therefore, A Tithi Shraadh was organised.

Photo Credits: TOI

Stallone had to cncel his plans to come to india himself to perform the rites but to avoid the paparazzi’s glaring interference he asked his half-brother and wife to perform the ritual.

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