News Syrian Girl Bana Alabed Questions Donald Trump In A Video

Syrian Girl Bana Alabed Questions Donald Trump In A Video

Bana Alabed, a seven-year-old Syrian girl has urged US President Donald Trump to think about the horrific condition of the people in her country. Even she has posted a heart-wrenching video which received enormous support from netizens across the globe.

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Bana Alabed is a Syrian girl from Aleppo who, with assistance from her English-speaking mother sends messages through Twitter. Her most of the tweets have highlighted issues such as hunger, airstrikes, demolition and her looking for a peaceful childhood.

It was reported that Bana Alabed was among 350 people who were evacuated from the former rebel-held area of Aleppo after its capture by government forces. On the other hand, Bana’s Twitter account has raised some questions of authenticity.

Juliette S. Touma, a Unicef spokeswoman for the Middle East and North Africa, admitted that in Bana’s case there is-:

“no way to verify where the tweets are coming from, or whether they’re coming from the girl or somewhere else”

Despite the authenticity issue, many news organizations have accepted it as a window into the Syrian conflict.

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