News Harsh Realities Of Syrian Jails, Deadliest Torture And Abusive Methods Will Shock...

Harsh Realities Of Syrian Jails, Deadliest Torture And Abusive Methods Will Shock You

Syria’s president Bashar-al-Assad hanged 13 thousand people together. These accusations are imposed by Human Rights Institution Amnesty International. These people were hanged together in a group of 20 to 50 people in an execution room made under the basement.

This sequence of murders and torture is continued to happen since 2011 when protests against Assad government came into existence.

13000 people hanged together in Syria

People who suffered this horrific saga of pain revealed the truth behind the bars. The truth will shock you, just for the sake of fun, guards of the jail used to order one male prisoner to rape another male prisoner. Not only this, female prisoners were raped in front of their family members. Beating prisoners, electronic shocks, and the medical experiments were a common practice in Syrian jails. 

A survivor named Umar S told he was forced to rape his mate in the jail. He said one guard ordered us to naked down and then chose two of us for this disgusting thing. He said if we wouldn’t have done this, then we would have supposed to sacrifice our lives.  

Two of the former prisoners Jalal and Jaid told we used to sleep in the cells full of prisoners. You just can’t sleep straight there, they told. During the mornings when the guard came to inspect us, he used to hit us with his legs to see who is alive or dead. Sometimes we got to know in the mornings that we were sleeping with the dead bodies in the night. 
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