Entertainment Celebrity Gossips Taapsee Pannu's Hard Hitting Statement, "Our Presence Is Not Valued As Much...

Taapsee Pannu’s Hard Hitting Statement, “Our Presence Is Not Valued As Much As A Star Kid’s Presence”

Taapsee Pannu who has given hits such as Naam Shabana, Judwaa 2 and Anando Brahma is currently enjoying her success. In a recent interview, Pannu described her struggle while getting a home in Mumbai: “As a single person in Mumbai, I had trouble finding houses. Nobody wanted to give their apartment to a single working girl, that too an actress. They said things like, ‘Struggling actors aa jaate hain aur unke paas paise nahin hote hain’. I had the toughest time trying to convince them that I had the money to pay my rent.”

Taapsee Pannu's Hard Hitting Statement

Telling about her acting career, she said: “On camera, I am in heaven, I love my job. That’s what keeps me going. Off camera, there are things that I feel –ye nahin hoga mujhse– this is not something I can do. The struggle is harder when you don’t come from a film family. Sometimes you get rejected just because you don’t come from an influential background so that kind of breaks your heart a lot of times. At that time to pick yourself up is difficult. In such times you think ‘kahan aa gaye, ya kyun aa gaye.’’

Pannu’s thoughts on Nepotism

Taapsee Pannu's Hard Hitting Statement

Pannu further added: “There are so many times our presence is not valued as much as a star kid’s presence even though they haven’t earned that space which people like us have slogged for. We have worked from scratch to be where we are. Despite that, we are very easily taken out of a project, and that hurts.”

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