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In a statement on Friday, Elon Musk stated that the goal of his new artificial intelligence business, xAI, is to “understand the universe.”

The billionaire presented his idea for xAI for the first time in a 90-minute audio chat on Twitter Spaces, which frequently veered into discussions of the Earth’s evolution and the frailty of civilization.

In contrast to Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI, he said that xAI will work to create a “good AGI.” Artificial general intelligence, or AGI, is an AI that has the ability to solve problems similarly to a human.

Musk said xAI would collaborate closely with his other firms, Twitter and Tesla, during the Spaces session, which started late because Twitter wanted to “tweak the algorithm” to push the conversation to more users.

The business will train its AI models using public tweets, and it may possibly collaborate with Tesla on AI software.

According to Musk, such a partnership would be to their “mutual benefit” and might hasten Tesla’s development of self-driving technology.

Musk, a proponent of AI legislation, claimed he pressed for meetings with White House officials and underlined the necessity of regulating AI in his most recent encounters with senior Chinese government officials.

Famous people like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, BR Ambedkar, Marxist rebel Che Guevara, erstwhile US President Abraham Lincoln, Soviet Union chief Joseph Stalin, scientist Albert Einstein and Elvis Presley can all be seen snapping selfies in a collection of photos uploaded to Instagram by artist Jyo John Mulloor. Mulloor used Photoshop and AI software called Midjourney.