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Without a doubt, one of the most notable years for anime has been 2023. New seasons of well-known shows like Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga, and SpyxFamily delighted fans, while up-and-coming shows like Hell’s Paradise, Pluto, and the outstanding newcomer Oshi no Ko delighted viewers.

Castlevania and Kengan Ashura, two hugely popular anime series, are returning in September. A new future-set tale in Castlevania follows Richter Belmont, a progenitor of Trevor Belmont. Meanwhile, the eagerly anticipated second season of Kengan Ashura is about to premiere! The last episodes in Ash Ketchum’s quest to become the best Pokemon trainer will be released, which is exciting for viewers in the US.

Science fiction and animation are creative abilities that make people think again. The world is changing, and possibilities are becoming reality. What cannot be done precisely in real life can be investigated through animation.

Naruto is centred on Masashi Kishimoto’s massively famous manga and follows Naruto Uzumaki and his friends as they strive to become the finest ninjas in the village. Naruto’s ultimate goal as he saves and transforms people’s lives is to become Hokage, or village leader. Check out this advice for the optimum order to see these films.