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Prior to Jawan, the actors co-starred in Pathaan and were featured in the sultry song “Besharam Rang,” which left many people in awe of their on-screen chemistry. Ironically, Shah Rukh Khan unexpectedly realised that Deepika could portray his mother in Jawan as they were filming this dance.

Jawan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, has become a box office powerhouse. The box office total for the Atlee movie’s prolonged opening week in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu was 386 crore. According to early projections made by, Jawan may earn an additional 20 crore on its ninth day of release.

A user claimed on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Atlee had plagiarised the narrative of the 1989 Tamil film Thaai Naadu (motherland), in which Sathyaraj played a dual role similar to Shah Rukh’s father and son figures in Jawan. A person uploaded the movie poster for the 1989 R. Aravindraj flick with the statement, “Jawaan Original Tamil Version – 1989.”

Few people would have predicted that the record-breaking opening day attendance of Shah Rukh Khan’s spy thriller Pathaan earlier this year would be quickly exceeded. According to early predictions, Shah Rukh’s own action film Jawan could possibly succeed, according to a report from