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Entertainment Seeing Taimur in your Social Media Feeds a Lot? Guess What It's a Master Plan of...

Seeing Taimur in your Social Media Feeds a Lot? Guess What It’s a Master Plan of His Greedy Showbiz Star Parents

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Ever since the Taimur has born, the little cute kid is all around the limelight. Ask any social media platform – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, he is there! He is the only star kid who is getting popularity as same as a celebrity at a tender age of 1 and half year.

Ever wonder why is he so popular? Well, you won’t believe that but it is a well-thought strategy from his star parents Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. As revealed by a PR company professional on a Social Media app Sagoon App.

We automatically come to know anything about Taimur from his class to Playschool or any other casual outing to his grandparents or others. Do you know the reason behind this? According to the reports, it is a well-planned strategy played by his star parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

A former employee of a PR agency on Sagoon App revealed that Saif and Kareena have hired a PR agency in order to keep the little Taimur in the limelight. Not only this but also choosing the name ‘Taimur’ by Saif was the plan of this strategy.

Naming him after the brutal Mongol conquerer was a strategic step by Saif Ali Khan all because to encash Taimur’s fame in near future. As a result, the kid became an overnight sensation. As per the facts, Saif’s film career is at its extreme low at the moment in such case it’s Taimur’s fame that could give him some relief.

People have also started making trolls on Taimur which is actually keeping him in the limelight. This is ultimately benefitting these greedy showbiz stars.

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