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World World's First Country Where The Females From 7 to 70 Have a...

World’s First Country Where The Females From 7 to 70 Have a Dress Code Decided by The Government

Tajikistan government has decided a dress code for females age between 7-70 years. Its department of Ministry of Culture has published a book in fact titled the “Book of Recommendations”. The book is filled with photos of models wearing outfits suitable for “women from seven to seventy”. 

The book includes chapters advising women what to wear at work, on national and state holidays, for weddings, and even at weekends as reported. The book also contains a chapter on outfits that Tajik women should not wear. It advises against black dresses, headscarves and the hijab, as part of the country’s campaign against Islamic dress and overtly western wear. According to a report,

“It is also not recommended to appear in public places in flip-flops or slippers or to wear skin-tight trousers or synthetic clothes which are harmful to health.”

However, after this declaration, the reactions on the social media hasn’t been particularly positive. While if one is calling it as “beautiful”, whereas others are saying the dresses are expensive and let Culture Ministry officials buy the clothes for them.

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