Take a look at highest-paid K-drama actors

The remarkable success of the Korean drama genre has resulted in the rise of some of the biggest names in entertainment. The actors are not restricted to TV alone; they leave their mark in widely successful movies, as well. Take a look at some of the highest-paid Korean actors on TV.

Kim Soo-hyun

Victor of two Grand Bell Awards, South Korea’s equivalent of the Academy Awards, 33-year-old Kim Soo-hyun is quite probably one of the biggest names in the world of Korean drama.

Kim started his career with the Korean drama  Kimchi Cheese Smile in 2007 and gained commercial as well as critical with serials like Dream High (2011-12), Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), My Love from the Star (2013-14) and movies like The Thieves (2012) and Secretly, Greatly (2013).

He will be seen in One Ordinary Day, the Korean remake of the acclaimed BBC series Criminal Justice, in 2021. Reports suggest he will be earning around US$ 440,000 for every episode from the series.

Song Joong-ki

In just over a decade, the South Korean actor has turned into the toast of K-show fans all over the planet. He is globally renowned for portraying a South Korean special forces soldier in the highly successful Descendants of the Sun (2016).

Sensationally famous among individuals of all age due to his performances, great looks and clean image in real life, the 35-year-old was reportedly paid around US$ 170,000 for every episode for Vincenzo, making him one of the highest-paid Korean actors.

Hyun Bin

Perhaps of the highest-paid Korean actors, Hyun Bin is considered among the best performers of his generation. No big surprise Crash Landing on You (2019-20), in which he portrayed a leading role, is quite possibly one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in South Korean cable TV history.

As per the estimates, he commands upwards of US$ 113,000 for every episode. This is to be sure a rapid rise from the US$ 27,000 for each episode he earned for Secret Garden. The actor was honored with the president’s h award at the 50th Savings Day event in 2013 for saving around US$ 3.3 million.

So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub started his acting career during the 1990s. He gained recognition with the K-drama Glass Slippers (2002), in which he portrayed the supporting role. In 2004, he earned great fame with What Happened in Bali (2004) and I’m Sorry, I Love You (2004). Among his more recent successes are the Korean dramas The Master’s Sun (2013) and Oh My Venus (2015-16)

As indicated by reports, 43-year-old So Ji-sub was paid around US$ 67,000 for every episode last year making him one of the highest-paid Korean drama actors. The most recent estimate of his per-episode fees is reportedly US$ 90,000.

Jo In-sung

Since his acting debut in 1999 with the drama Jump, Jo In-sung has been equally impressive in both TV and movies. He has demonstrated his versatility with diverse roles in well-received dramas and movies. Reports suggest that he is paid around US$ 90,000 for each episode. Till last year, he reportedly made US$ 67,000 for each episode.

His latest work was Escape from Mogadishu (2021), which is presently the highest-grossing movie (Korean or international) this year at the Korean box office.