Take a look at top 5 Korean dating reality shows

Back in 2021, the wildly successful dating unscripted TV show “Single’s Inferno” swept the world by storm, getting a lot of praise from fans and pundits alike. There was only something about the concept, chemistry between contestants, and of course the physical aspects that made the show popular and binge-worthy. Here is a list of the top 5 Korean dating reality shows.

1. Change days

Hosted by Jang DoYoun, Heo YoungJi, Yang SeChan, and Code Kunst, “Change Days” has a fascinating concept, bringing together already settled couples as its contestants. These couples are battling to keep their relationship afloat and are very nearly separating.  This series has already premiered on Netflix.

2. Love Catcher

While on the show, ‘love catchers’ look to form a sincere, genuine relationship with another ‘love catcher’. ‘Money catchers’ on the other hand can win almost $45,000 on the off chance that they can turn into a couple with a ‘love catcher’ toward the show’s end. While making romantic advances, there is an additional air of caution as participants can only guess who is there for love or money.

3. Transit Love

Have you at any point seen your ex after a break-up? Could you at any point imagine living with them? “Transit Love ” puts an entirely new spin on dating unscripted TV show, bringing former couples to live together under one roof.

4. Somebody

From hip hop to ballet, and even modern Korean dance, the singles on “Somebody” cover a large number of genres, showcasing their polished dance abilities from the absolute first episode. While participants live together and go on dates, they are likewise tasked with different missions to create themed choreography either as a couple or as a group.

5. Heart Signal

“Heart Signal” errs on the cozier side and was shot over a longer period of time compared to other programs. Members of the show come from all walks of life, going from students to office workers, and even a racecar driver. Toward the end of each and every night they need to send a text to the person they’re interested in. Then, a panel attempts to guess where the participants ‘heart signs’ are headed.