Take a look at top romantic Chinese drama that will make your day!

Romance is a genre that we all love to watch. In drama series particularly that air on TV, the romantic drama is the most famous genre. Of all types of romantic drama series, one very famous form is Chinese romantic drama. In China, various dramas are made every year. And these drama series are liked by the audience of the whole world. Have a look at some top Chinese romantic dramas.

1. My Unicorn Girl

My Unicorn Girl is a famous 2020 release Chinese drama series that you should watch. The tale of My Unicorn Girl is about a young girl Sang Tian, who as of late passed school and all set to join college. She needed to get admitted to the same college where her mom studied. Sang Tian was quite certain about her admission to the college as she was an excellent figure skating player. She wanted to join the college as a skating player. In any case, suddenly she fails in the entrance and couldn’t make it to the skating team.

2. Ashes Of Love

Ashes of Love is a 2018 released Chinese drama. The Drama is based on Xian’s novel. Helmed by Zhu Ruibin, this drama is loaded up with romance, thrill, fights, and end struggles. The romantic tale in the Ashes of Love is about the daughter of a Flower deity Jin MI portrayed by Yang Zi and the son of a heaven king Xu Fung portrayed by Deng Lun. The two of them fell in love in the prison of Shui Jing. 

3. Begin Again

Begin Again is a lovely romantic drama aired on Hunan TV. It portrays a typical story of marriages in which with time love develops among couples after marriage. In the story, lead actress Lu Fanning portrayed by Zhou Yutong is a CEO of a company. While inverse her is Gong Jun as Ling Rui, who is a reputed surgeon. Lu Fanning was under a huge family pressure of getting hitched when she met Ling Rui. The same was the situation with Rui. Thus, ultimately, they wind up wedding one another.

4. Love O2O

Love O2O is 2016 famous romantic drama series aired on Dragon TV. The narrative of this drama series is adapted from the web novel A Slight Smile is Very Charming. Helmed by Lin Yufe, in Love O2O you will see the romantic tale of a couple that formed and roam around a multiplayer video game. Xiao Nai is a well-known web player and game company president at the college. He falls in love with pretty Bei Wei right away by taking a look at her fantastic gaming abilities and command during online multiplayer. Xiao Nai chooses to impress the girl with his gaming abilities and other qualities in the university. 

5. Eternal Love

The famous romantic show series Eternal Love is one of the most amazing romantic drama series in China. In this story, the love for Bai Qian and Ye Hua took three lifetimes to arrive at the ultimate destination. Bai Qian is a student of Mo Yuan, who is the God of war.  This famous drama is based on the popular novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Tang Qi Gong Zi.