Take a look at top Tallest Man in the world 2022

We humans certainly are among the tallest. The average human today is 1.65 meters or 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Here we talk about the extremes of height, the tallest people. Here is the list of the tallest man in the world.

1Sultan Kösen – (8ft,2.8 inches)

Sultan is from Turkey, a Kurdish farmer with a height of 251cm making him 8ft and 2 inches tall. Sultan Kosen is presently the tallest man alive in the world, 2022. He’s presently the tallest man in the world with the longest hand and second-largest feet.

2Brahim Takioullah – (8ft, 1 inch)

Brahim is one of the tallest people in the world with a height of 246cm, making him 8ft and an inch tall. He has the largest fleet in the world based on the World Guinness Record.

3Morteza Mehrzad – (8ft, 1 inch)

This is the tallest person on the planet with a height of 246 cm. Like Brahim, he was also growing normally just like normal children before the unusual growth at age of 16. He was 190cm tall when he was reported to have fallen from a bicycle. This makes one of his legs to stop growing while the other one continues. One of his legs is 15cm longer than the other.

4Dharmendra Pratap Singh – (8ft, 0.7 inches)

Dharmendra is at present the tallest man on earth in India with a height of 246cm. He’s actually a poor man. Regardless of his level of 246cm, he just has a bodyweight of 70kg. He’s likewise reported to have suffered from poor eyesight because of the tumor in his pituitary gland, which is compressing his optic nerve.

5Zhang Juncai -(7ft, 11¹/4 inches)

This is the tallest man on earth in China with a height of 242cm. Juncai who is from China was proclaimed as China’s tallest man on November, 23rd. He’s at present shorter than the tallest man on earth(Sultan Kosen) by 10cm. Likewise, 6cm taller than the 2nd tallest man in China(Bao Xishun).