This drug is being used more than ever during the corona virus epidemic. In such a situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the use of this drug, saying that over-use of antibiotics during the Corona epidemic increased the risk of infection. WHO says that by eating more antibiotics, the immunity of bacteria is increasing and due to this the figure of deaths will increase further.

The virus will become more strong – WHO

WHO director general Tedros Adhanum Ghebreyesus said the bad consequences of eating more antibiotics would be seen not only during COVID-19, but also after that. This drug will further strengthen the coronavirus.

Antibiotic weakens the body

Eating more antibiotics weakens the body and increases immunity in microbes. Due to this, there is no effect of medicines on them and serious illness continues to increase.

According to experts, everyone should avoid eating antibiotics. Ghebreyesus stated that only a few patients of Corona require antibiotics. He has appealed to doctors to refrain from giving this medicine to patients with mild symptoms of corona if there is no bacterial infection.

Dr. Alberto Jangrillo, head of the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, Italy, in a recent interview claimed the complete eradication of the virus in the country. However, Dr. Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergency program, has denied his claim. Dr. Ryan said, ‘We still have to be very careful. There should not be a misconception in us that the virus has suddenly decided to be less contagious on its own accord. It is still fatal. ‘