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High Life Why It Is Important To Talk To Your Parents About Sex And...

Why It Is Important To Talk To Your Parents About Sex And How To Start The Conversation?

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A recent national survey of teens by seventeen and the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that more than sixty percent of girls have talked to their parents about how to know when they’re ready to have sex. A majority of Girls (three out of five) who are getting help and counsel about sexual decision-making from the experienced adults living under the same roof.

talking to your parents about sex

Why is it important to talk to your parents about having sex?

They know you and care about you a lot. Also, research shows that teens who talk with their parents about the issues like sex are less likely to face an unintended pregnancy. Your parents know about sexual health issues, including birth control, like condoms, and how to talk to your partner about using them.

talking to your parents about sex

Your parents (or any other adult) are sexual beings themselves and at one time in their life, they had to make the same decisions you’re struggling with right now.

Set The Stage

Try to pick the best time when neither of you are in a hurry or a bad mood. Choose a comfortable place to discuss.

Set the tone

Be polite. Good manners help keep the conversation on a high level of respect and can even elevate it to a higher level, be truthful. Be direct. If you want to know about birth control or sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STDs/STIs) infections or homosexuality or any other sensitive issue, ask.

talking to your parents about sex

Choose your approach

Ask questions like:

  • “What was dating like when you were my age?”
  • “I’m wondering what the right age is to have sex. Can we talk about it?”
  • “Did your friends try to pressure you into having sex or doing something you didn’t like?”

Stop on a good note

Talking about sex with a parent or another caring adult shouldn’t be a one-time, big talk. Instead, turn it into an ongoing dialog by leaving the door open for further discussion.

With some inputs from and Seventeen

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