Dino Morea Denies His Connection To Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide Case, Issued Clarification

BJP leader Narayan Rane held the press conference on July 8, calling the death of Sushant Singh Rajput a murder. Narayan Rane...
News Taylor Swift-Calvin Haris break up Rumors

Taylor Swift-Calvin Haris break up Rumors


Once again Taylor Swift is in news today. Rumors are about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s Break Up. All day long rumors are coming from different sources. Many sources are claiming that they broke up. Taylor and Calvin are dating from 7 months and everything was going really good. Suddenly this rumor came up. For those who do not know who is Calvin Harris, let us tell you he is one of the highest paid DJ in hollywood and creating music with many other artists.  These rumors are all over the internet. But people who are close to these two are saying these are just rumors, and not true, eveything is good between them. Harris is favoriting Swift’s posts on socail media like twitter and instagram. Selena Gomez who is really close friend of Taylor Swift told to a radio that if this rumour is true, she should have known and she does not know so that’s not true.

After that Calvis Harris Posted a tweet to shut the rumors and to sue the people who are spreading these kind of rumors.

Taylor Swift’s 25 year old publist also commented on this

Tayor and Calvin on 28th May, 2015
Taylor and Calvin on 28th May, 2015

Don’t let rumors fool you. Calvin seems nice guy. So enjoy their music.


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